Few lodges can offer harmony with nature the way Morgan’s Rock does. Residing in one of our  sustainably constructed bungalows  ( 3 Two Bedroom Bungalows with Private Plunge Pool, 3 Ocean View Bungalows with Plunge Pool, 2 Forest View Bungalows with Private Pool and 10 Ocean View Bungalows) with view of the Reserve´s private beach), our guests will find it impossible not to relax.


Ocean View Bungalows


Each Ocean View bungalow includes a comfortable terrace where guests might enjoy a morning coffee, a glass of wine with the sunset, or a well-deserved nap while soaking in stunning views and unparalleled wildlife.

Forest View Bungalows with Plunge Pool


With the closest location to our main building, each Forest View Bungalow with private Plunge Pool includes a comfortable terrace beckoning guests to immerse themselves in our natural luxury.

Ocean View Bungalows with Plunge Pool

Across a 50 yard jungle suspension bridge, you will find our Ocean View with Plunge Pool Bungalows. Outside on the balcony you will enjoy of your private plunge pool and the stunning ocean view.