Beach Bungalows

Few lodges can offer harmony with nature the way Morgan’s Rock does. Residing in one of our fifteen sustainably constructed beachfront bungalows (nearly all of which boast a gorgeous view of the hacienda’s private beach) guests will find it Morgan's Rock bridgeimpossible not to relax. Drop your bags in your spacious bedroom upon arrival and you’ll have entered another world, intuitively switching gears to a slower, more natural tempo. Just outside you’ll spot howler monkeys, languorous sloths hanging from the trees, and a variety of vibrant tropical birds. Each bungalow includes a comfortable terrace where guests may enjoy a morning coffee, a glass of wine with the sunset, or a well deserved nap while soaking in stunning vistas and unparalleled wildlife. Our bungalows were designed to make guests feel at one with nature while creating minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Each three-sided bungalow is perched on a cliff 30-100 feet over the private beach and cove, just across a 50 yard jungle suspension bridge. Set into the treetops, each bungalow accommodates up to five people. Outside on the balcony is a special feature - a queen size day bed suspended by thick marine rope, reminding guests of the casual luxury they’ve come to experience and setting an appropriately relaxed pace for duration of their stay here at the hacienda.

Morgan's Rock rooms Adding an authentic touch to the rooms is the artwork of Nicaraguan artist Augusto Silva which features designs inspired by indigenous civilizations of Nicaragua, specifically the Tunu.

"The artistic inspiration of my ethnic influence is strongly represented in my paintings and even more so in my designs made from Tunu. With Tunu paintings, I represent the old indigenous civilizations from Nicaragua by exposing their clothing, arts and crafts, and homemade materials. The paintings’ underlying mission is to bring back those old customs and materials from previous civilizations that are scarce worldwide, yet still live within many of us and our cultures. By exposing my art, I try to speak to the viewers about the earth simplicity and nature’s way of calming its surrounding in such complex times.” 
– Augusto Silva; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Serene and Sustainable

Your luxury accommodations were constructed and furnished by renowned sustainable wood and furniture company, Simplemente Madera. This Managua based company uses only certified sustainable wood in their simple, yet elegant designs. The company consciously utilizes pieces of lumber that would otherwise be wasted, such as wood with slight imperfections, giving their original items character and charm.

Soothing hardwood design provides a natural tone that instills a sense of stillness, simplicity, and calm. The beachside yoga pagoda is not far away, as are enticing lounge chairs and tropical straw huts awaiting you shore-side should you decide to leave your beautiful accommodations and explore. You’ll be happy to know you can return at the end of a long, enjoyable day to a hot shower (solar powered and always reliable), a pleasant ambience, and the soothing rhythm of waves rolling in to shore, sure to lure you into sweet dreams.

Morgan's Rock terraza Morgan's Rock living room Morgan's Rock bathroom

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