The abundant wildlife here at Morgan’s Rock draws visitors to return again and again. Our unique setting offers guests the opportunity to feel immersed in the nature around them. Both children and adults are delighted to discover exotic animals such as monkeys, sea turtles, colorful birds, anteaters, sloths, iguanas, dolphins, and more. Our accommodations are just a small portion of the property, the rest being mostly untouched Reserve and estuary. Guests are encouraged to explore the property via kayak, vehicle, bicycle, horse, and on foot, almost always encountering some exotic species along the way. Excursions with an experienced guide and naturalist are all the more enriching, drawing on the guide’s vast knowledge of the area and its inhabitants.

Morgan’s Rock contributes to wildlife preservation in a myriad of ways. Since a large part of the property has become a private nature reserve, the variety and quantity of fauna has burgeoned. Visitors commonly see monkeys, sloths and other animals on their treks around the property and even from the deck of their private bungalows.  One tremendous highlight of a visit to Morgan’s Rock is witnessing baby sea turtles scurry out to sea soon after hatching. Our private beach happens to be a natural nesting ground for these precious creatures.


Morgan’s Rock offers the perfect family getaway. At the lodge, and in the surrounding 4,000 acres of protected undeveloped forest land including a private reserve, families can bond, play, and discover endlessly.

The waters of our private beach are protected by a small extension of coastline. This shields the cove from high winds and makes for waves that are generally calm enough for children to play in safely. Parents can relax without worry in a lounge chair or hammock under a shady thatched awning on the beach while watching their kids boogie board, swim, surf, or build sand castles in the sun. With only fifteen bungalows and over a mile of sandy beach line, there’s plenty of space for kids to roam within eye-sight.


Children can discover how a sustainable working farm operates, and can even lend a hand! A favorite activity is “Breakfast at the Farmhouse,” during which guests collect eggs fresh from our chicken coup, garner milk from the gentle Holstein cows, and finally sit down for a wholesome family style meal consisting of homemade tortillas (yes, you will pound the corn to make the dough!), fresh organic fruit and juice, and of course the milk and eggs obtained during the morning “chores.”

Other activities include fishing, cruising on our wooden vessel “El Argonaut,” snorkeling, kayaking through the estuary in a tandem kayak, swimming, hiking, cultural excursions to nearby towns and volcanoes, zip-lining through the jungle, surfing, and exploring the vast property. Our staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable, and our experienced guides are happy to impart a wealth of knowledge to young guests eager to learn.

At Morgan’s Rock, families make memories and share bonds that will last a life time. Our restaurant features a kid-friendly menu for our younger guests. The food from our farm is organic and fresh, so you know your children are getting wholesome food in addition to countless fulfilling daily experiences.