Culinary Delights at Morgan’s Rock

Culinary Delights at Morgan’s Rock

Guests are in for a treat when they dine in at the hacienda - whether at our lovely restaurant overlooking the ocean, or over a hearty breakfast of handmade tortillas and gallopinto (rice and beans) down at the farmhouse.

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Thanks to a large working farm with cows, chickens, fruit and vegetable gardens, and even a sustainable shrimp farm, Morgan’s Rock sources roughly 60% of its food products from farming activities that take place right on the premises. Guests are welcome to visit our organic farm, where they can lend a hand collecting eggs or milking the cows, or simply kick back and enjoy a rustic breakfast cooked on the hearth by the lovely Doña Candida. Participants in this activity will even learn how to make delicious homemade tortillas!

Diners at our comfortable outdoor restaurant and bar can enjoy a variety of special Nicaraguan dishes as well as an array of international flavors. The restaurant is located on a shady platform overlooking the pool, surrounded by forest, and beyond it the private beach and cove. Guests are invited to sit back with a glass of wine, perhaps some freshly caught seafood, and of course the complimentary stunning sunsets which are a nightly treat.

 The restaurant menu features authentic Nicaraguan fare as well as dishes from Central and South America, France, and Asia. Local ingredients are used whenever possible. Some of the farm’s bounty which finds its way into our restaurant includes tropical fruits, dairy products, meat, and poultry. Seafood is caught locally by traditional fishing methods, or sourced from the nearby Pacific Ocean. Vegetarian and special-diet requests can be accommodated with prior notice. A child’s menu features tasty kid-friendly options.

For those wishing to personalize their dining experience, private breakfasts, picnic lunches and romantic dinners can be arranged at a number of secluded spots on the beach or around the lodge.