Cruising on the Argonauta

Sail away on our own 48 foot wooden fishing vessel! Find yourself far out to sea and leave any lingering worries behind as you embark on a half day or day long excursion on the fabulous “El Argonauta.” Feel the spray of the water on your skin and let the waves carry you along during this utterly relaxing cruise. You may even encounter friendly dolphins, sea turtles, pelicans and whales along the way!

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Night Walk

Embark on an exciting excursion into the jungle at night! This is your chance to discover certain nocturnal creatures that only come out at night, and to experience a unique after-dark trek. This activity may get your adrenaline going, but don’t worry, our expert local guides and a good flashlight in hand ensure your safety as well as an awesome, educational, and fun night-time adventure. Some animals you may expect to see along the way include opossums, bats, owls, skunks, porcupines, deer, and even sleeping birds!

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Pluma Hike

Bring your best hiking shoes for this one! The “Palo de Pluma” trek is our most difficult, but a truly fulfilling hike. The trail leads you to the highest point of our vast 4,000 acre property. From this awesome lookout you can see as far as Lake Nicaragua and UNESCO preserved Ometepe Island  – a unique volcanic island rising out of the waters of Central America’s largest lake.  Alternatively, you may opt to experience the journey via 4x4, which includes a 2 hour escorted driving tour. An amazing expedition!

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Jungle Walk

An exciting venture into the jungle! Learn all about indigenous species and wildlife on this adventurous two hour hike as you explore the wilderness with an experienced guide. Likely sightings include howler monkeys, white face monkeys, spider monkeys, the two and three toed sloth, coatis (Brazilian aardvark), opossums, agouti, gorgeous tropical birds and reptiles of many shapes and colors. 

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Los Miradores

For this tour the ¨Urraca¨ truck, a monster Toyota 4x4, escorts you comfortably in its wooden bench through the hills of the property up to one of the best lookout points in the area. Along the way, as you relax and enjoy the impressive scenery you may spot spider monkeys, colorful toucans, and white-faced monkeys curiously peering back at you. An invigorating tour, whether you choose to ride in the back of our 4 x 4 (1 hour ride) or, for those wanting a real challenge who may choose to embark on the journey by foot (a 3 hour trek). This tour takes visitors deep into the nature around Morgan’s Rock and into the vast 1,800 acre forest reserve on the property (Reserva Silvestre Privada El Aguacate), giving you a taste of the rich diversity Nicaragua has to offer

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Kayaking through the Estuary

Explore the estuary and mangrove forest in one of our tandem kayaks, perhaps at sunrise or sunset, to view exotic birds and experience some much needed tranquility. The estuary is about 1 ½ kilometers long, with plenty of unexplored nooks and lush over hanging foliage to navigate through. Guests can take a one and a half hour guided tour of the estuary, or simply explore on their own. 

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