Pluma Hike

Bring your best hiking shoes for this one! The “Palo de Pluma” trek is our most difficult, but a truly fulfilling hike. The trail leads you to the highest point of our vast 4,000 acre property. From this awesome lookout you can see as far as Lake Nicaragua and UNESCO preserved Ometepe Island  – a unique volcanic island rising out of the waters of Central America’s largest lake.  Alternatively, you may opt to experience the journey via 4x4, which includes a 2 hour escorted driving tour. An amazing expedition!

Volcanoes in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is called the country of lakes and volcanoes. It features nine active volcanoes and various dormant ones. The most spectacular volcanoes are Cosiguina, San Cristobal, Telica, Cerro Negro, Momotombo, Masaya, Apoyo, Mombacho, Concepción and Maderas.

Many of these volcanoes have the classic cone-shaped figure and may be hiked by more experienced climbers. The Masaya volcano, located between Managua and Granada, is part of a national park and can be reached by car (about a two hour drive from Morgan’s Rock). The view into the crater is stunning. The Mombacho Volcano which surrounds Granada is a volcanic reserve and features hiking, canopy tours and a biological research station (about one hour from Morgan’s Rock).




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