Where better to learn to surf than here in Nicaragua, just a few miles from one of the premier surfing hot spot of the world, prestigious San Juan del Sur? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional to join our surfing class! Even if you’ve never been on a surfboard in your life our experienced and friendly instructors will help you catch that perfect wave. Children and adults alike can enjoy the thrill of standing up for the first time in our surfing class. Get ready for a day of fun in the sun and an amazing morning or afternoon on the water!

Surfing in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a surfer’s paradise. One of the most popular surfing spots in Nicaragua is Popoyo, located a few beaches from Morgan’s Rock where you will find various surf breaks ranging from hollow, A-frame beach break to super fun, classic point breaks, to critical outer reef breaks. These surf breaks benefit from Nicaragua’s permanent Santa Ana condition, and enjoy offshore winds over 300 days per year. Nicaragua’s Santa Ana phenomenon is a phenomenon whereby the dominant NE trades from the Caribbean are accelerated across Nicaragua’s narrow land mass by the absence of mountains in this southern region and by Lake Nicaragua, a massive inland lake approximately one-half as wide as the country. As the NE trades sweep across the narrow isthmus of the country towards the Pacific Ocean they blow straight into the approaching SW ground swells. The offshore winds groom these swells into clean hollow lines and almond-shaped barrels at the many points, reefs and beach breaks which bless Nicaragua’s Pacific coastline.

Surfers from all over the world travel to Nicaragua to ride the local waves. The waves are good, and the waters in some spots are teeming with marine wildlife such as dolphins. Surfers and visitors relish the laid back lifestyle of coastal towns like San Juan del Sur. Surf enthusiasts “in the know” have been traveling to Nicaragua for years. Though the country is becoming increasingly famous for its great waves and thriving surf culture, it is still relatively off the beaten track compared to other Central American countries. This means less crowded beaches and more waves for those who go now!

Read more about Surfing in Nicaragua: (LINK: http://vianica.com/go/specials/28-surfing-nicaragua.html )


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