Canopy Tour

Join monkeys and birds high up in their tree-top playground as you zip across lush Nicaraguan forest on this exhilarating canopy tour. Our trusted friends at “Da Flying Frog” escort you as you soar from platform to platform along a secure “zip-line.” From this unusual vantage point high above the trees you’ll enjoy a breathtaking view of the beach town San Juan del Sur. The canopy tour is a real rush of adrenaline - an amazing experience not to be missed!

Nicaragua’s Forests

While traipsing through the jungle in Nicaragua, gasping at its enormity from a plane above, or soaring through the forest canopy on a zip line, it’s easy to imagine that the greenery goes on forever. Though Nicaragua contains one of the largest areas of tropical forest land in Central America, its precious forests are under siege by loggers, settlers, and farmers clearing the land for agricultural use. Deforestation rates are staggering. From 1990 through the first decade of the new millennium, Nicaragua lost about 30% of its native forests! The 1990’s were a particularly detrimental period. Today, deforestation has decreased considerably thanks to government policies and an increase in various reforestation projects. Still, the forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate and continued efforts must be made to save the critical biodiversity and ecosystems that exist in Nicaragua today. Destruction of forests means encroachment on wildlife habitats, forcing animals out of their native environment. It can also interrupt the traditional lifestyle – and even the survival of – indigenous communities who find shelter and food in the forests. The Bosawas Biosphere Reserve, located in northern Nicaragua, is an enormous nature reserve where deforestation has presented significant problems both for the local indigenous population and native species of flora and fauna, including some critically endangered animals, and some that exist nowhere else on earth.

By staying at Morgan’s Rock, guests contribute to a Rainforest Alliance certified reforestation project and help sustain our ongoing efforts to educate both locals and travelers alike about the importance of forest preservation. 

Canopy in San Juan del Sur   Canopy in San Juan del Sur


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