Sunset Tour

Take a short hike to the premier vantage point for which to view the stunning sunset as it disappears beyond the Pacific. This easy and enjoyable walking tour begins at our private beach and leads to a relaxed, romantic setting upon a hill overlooking the ocean. A perfect, breathtaking conclusion to any day here at the hacienda.

Beautiful Sunsets Around the World

A beautiful sunset alone can lure vacationers long distances to bask in its receding light. It is the ultimate emblem of escape and tranquility. The sunset is one of the most magical and elusive of nature’s gifts. All around the world the sun descends each day, yet everywhere it produces a different spectacle. Poets have long swooned over the virtues of an inspiring sunset, and sung praises of its romanticism.

 Many attempts have been made to list the most famous or most beautiful sunsets in the world, though ultimately the splendor of the sun’s daily goodbye is a subjective matter. Natural factors do play a role in a sunset’s lucidity – scientists believe that warmer climates elicit more impressive sunsets, as the slight haze produced in colder climates can soften bright hues. It is also believed that light rain, as often occurs in tropical areas, can clean the air and contribute to a more vivid sunset.

The unobstructed plains of Africa are noted for their beautiful sunsets, as are the islands of Bora Bora in Tahiti, and the islands of the Maldives. In Santorini, Greece, spectators sit beside the water or on a terrace high above it every evening to admire the world renown sunset over the caldera. Other sites with notable sunsets include the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Key West, Florida, and the canal laced European cities of Venice and Amsterdam. Watching the sun go down near the ancient kingdom of Angkor Wat in Cambodia is a sight to behold. A stunning sunset is something that remains in the memory for a lifetime, and instills a deep sense of peace in the beholder.

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