Horseback Riding

Let our horses Pirata, Lucero, Chavalo, and Rosillo lead you through the tropical dry forest around the hacienda. As you trot through virgin forest you’ll spot local inhabitants such as playful monkeys, lazy sloths and exotic tropical birds in their natural habitat. On this guided trek you’ll emerge out of the forest unto a coastal hill that offers the ultimate overhead view of the entire property and beyond to San Juan del Sur. End the tour with a brilliant ride on the hacienda’s secluded beach. Gallop across a mile long stretch of white sand, splashing through the surf for an unforgettable finale to a very special day. Our horses are well cared for, loving creatures. They enjoy frequent treks through the vast property and plenty of natural space to roam and relax – much like their riders!

Horses in Nicaragua

Horseback Riding in Morgan's RockHorseback riding is well known to be a fun activity. After all, who doesn’t love the rush of adrenaline as you hop onto one of these majestic creatures and lurch forward to embark on a ride? Horse riding has been noted for its positive effects for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks even used horses to heal the sick, as these animals have special sensory qualities and a gait that mimics walking in humans (helping the rider achieve better balance). Establishing a connection with these gentle yet powerful creatures can have a calming and nurturing effect in itself.

Luckily, horses are an integral part of Nicaraguan culture, and opportunities for interacting with these amazing creatures abound. Treks on horseback can be enjoyed through the jungle, to a volcano, or on the beautiful beaches. In Granada, visitors can tour the city in a horse-drawn carriage. Regal looking equines march proudly through the streets during festivals or parades in Nicaragua (of which there are many). Horses are invaluable in some rural communities, where roads are difficult to traverse during the rainy season. They are also frequently used in agriculture – to plough the land and deliver goods to the market or neighboring towns.



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