Where are we?

Where are the best sunsets that the world has to offer located? Morgan's Rock, of course.  

Getting to Morgan’s Rock Hacienda and Ecolodge in Nicaragua is fairly easy; the available infrastructure is much better than you would expect. The lodge is strategically located to the south of Nicaragua’s most important tourism destination Granada and just north of the Costa Rican border. You may choose to take your international flight into Nicaragua’s capital Managua or the northern Costa Rican city of Liberia. We can arrange an itinerary that allows you to travel safely and comfortably to Morgan’s Rock from either destination. Lastly, if you wish to arrive by air from Managua, we just opened our own private runway in December 2009 that allows you to reach the lodge in a short 35 minutes trip.

Driving Directions to Morgan’s Rock

Just before entering the town of San Juan del Sur, make a RIGHT on the sign that says “MORGAN’S ROCK 8Km”   Morgan's Rock 8 Km
On this dirt road named "La Chocolata", drive straight about 8 km to the next sign that says “MORGAN’S ROCK” and make a LEFT.   Morgans Rock Left
Keep heading straight until reaching a fork on the road, and make a RIGHT on the yellow sign that says “MR”

Keep heading straight until reaching the Main Gate that reads “Morgan’s Rock Hacienda & Ecolodge” on your right hand side.
  Morgans Rock

Once you enter, follow the signs that read “Ecolodge”


*Always follow the yellow initials “MR” on the rocks that are on the side the roads.
**Do not hesitate to ask for direction as many of the locals are very friendly people that know where our hotel is located


Nicaragua’s capital is located with a modern international airport about 3 hours (by car) north of Morgan’s Rock.


Nicaragua’s colonial gem and most popular tourism attraction, is located about 2.5 hours (by car) north of Morgan’s Rock. 


Biggest town near Morgan’s Rock (about 1 hour by car). Rivas is a colonial town and capital of the province offering banking services, hospital services and home to universities.

San Juan del Sur:

Closest town to Morgan’s Rock (about 35 minutes by car). San Juan del Sur is a port town with limited infrastructure but basic services available.

Penas Blancas: 

The border town between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, Penas Blanca is located about 1 hour (by car) south of Morgan’s Rock.


Biggest city in northern Costa Rica with an International Airport serviced by mayor US airlines and domestic Costa Rican airlines. Capital of the Guanacaste province in Costa Rica and located about 3.5 hours (by car) south of Morgan’s Rock. Please note that travel time depends largely on how many people are in process of crossing the border. Rental cars are not allowed to cross the border. Our transfers will provide you with experienced drivers that will help you cross both borders (changing of cars is required).

Liberia, Costa Rica to Morgan's Rock (3 hours)

Once at the Liberia airport, we can organize your transfer to Morgan's Rock. The cost of the transfer depends on the number of people traveling in your party.

Immigration formalities: No visa is required for US and European citizens. See with your travel agency or nearest Consulate for passport validity.

Traveling to Central America from North America or Europe

Managua, Nicaragua: The following international airlines service the Sandino International Airport in Managua, Nicaragua: TACA, Delta, American Airlines, LACSA, Copa, Spirit. For details on itineraries, please check with the airline or your travel agent.

Ground Transfers within Nicaragua

From Managua to Morgan’s Rock
Cost one way up to four guest: $250.00 & $200.00
Travel time: 3 hours

Granada to Morgan’s Rock 
Cost one way up to four guest: $200.00 & $150.00
Travel time: 2 hours

Morgan´s Rock to Rivas / San Jorge
Cost one way up to four people: $100.00
Travel time: 1 hour

Peñas Blancas
Cost one way for two people: $110.00
Travel time: 1 hour, 20 minutes

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