Turtles & Monkeys

Morgan's Rock monkeys The abundant wildlife here at Morgan’s Rock draws visitors to return again and again. Our unique setting offers guests the opportunity to feel immersed in the nature around them. Both children and adults are delighted to discover exotic animals such as monkeys, sea turtles, colorful birds, anteaters, sloths, iguanas, dolphins, and more. Our accommodations are just a small portion of the property, the rest being mostly untouched forest and estuary. Guests are encouraged to explore the property via kayak, vehicle, bicycle, horse, and on foot, almost always encountering some exotic species along the way. Excursions with an experienced guide and naturalist are all the more enriching, drawing on the guide’s vast knowledge of the area and its inhabitants. 

Morgan’s Rock contributes to the preservation of wildlife in a variety of ways. Since a large part of the farm has become a private nature reserve, the number of animals has increased significantly in recent years. Visitors commonly see monkeys, sloths and other animals on their treks around the property and even from the deck of their private bungalows.  One great highlight of a visit to Morgan’s Rock is to witness baby sea turtles scurry out to sea soon after hatching. Our private beach happens to be a natural nesting ground for these precious creatures.

Sea Turtles and More!

Of the seven species of marine turtles that exist in the world today, five of them are endangered. In Nicaragua sea turtles are threatened by both hunters, and predatory animals. At Morgan’s Rock, we are proud to support sea turtle conservation efforts. We, along with our guests, are grateful that we have the unique opportunity to witness both sea turtle nesting and hatching, in the most natural environment. A real treat for visitors is to witness the baby hatchlings scurry out to sea, their passage overseen by Morgan’s Rock staff and guests so as to protect the little ones from predators during this crucial stage of their journey.  Guests commonly refer to this as one of the most memorable experiences of their stay here at the hacienda. 

Other animals inhabiting the jungle reserve and estuary around Morgan’s Rock include howler monkeys, macaws, anteaters, sloths and white tipped dear, to name a few. Most of the birds are typical of subtropical dry forest lands, similar to what is found in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. This includes scarlet macaws, trogons, kingfishers, herons and egrets.

At Morgan’s Rock, guests can take a guided hike through the jungle, day or night, or kayak through the estuary to witness some truly extraordinary species of animals in their natural habitat. Thanks to the vastness of our property, nearly half of which is government designated reserve, guests at Morgan’s Rock have the unique opportunity to reside in true resort style luxury, in addition to the chance to explore the abundance of “wild Nicaragua.” We encourage visitors to explore the property so that they can learn about the native wildlife. This, we hope, will spur respect for the local wildlife, education and awareness, and a spreading movement toward protection of these precious animals that provide color and delight for each and every visitor. 

Facts about sea turtles in Nicaragua:



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